Surface Drying, De-Icing & Defogging


Beijing International Airport

Projected Heat Master Requirements for de-icing 1/2" of ice off
(one runway, not including taxiways)


1. Time: 2 hours
2. Speed: from 2 mph to 5 mph depending on the type of ice and the ambient temperature There are numerous types of ice and the ambient temperature can deviate by as much as 50 degrees. Estimated average speed 3 1/2 mph.
3. Fuel Consumption: 4 M-16 = 64,000,000 BTUs @ 94,000 BTUs per one U.S. gallon = 280 gallons per hour x 2 hours = 1,361 gallons total.
4. Labor: 4 operators, one mechanic, and one foreman.
5. Other equipment necessary: The Heat Master shall be followed up by 4 sweepers and snow plow pushing the wind row of ice chips off to the side of the runway.
6. Alternative A: Possible water vacuums; there are companies working with that, we are not sure if there are any ready to be compatible with the production of our Heat Master.
7. It would require a storage facility for these units. One would need space in a building, 10 ft. wide by 75 ft. long and 10 ft. high, for each Heat Master, that would store 4 units, 75 ft. in length, 8 1/2 ft. wide (folded up position), and 10 ft. high.

The units should be completely inspected before the Winter season. Sometimes insects get in and build nests, blocking the LPG gas orifices and the like. These particular M-16’s are designed to work in front of road recycling machines as well, so it’s possible that a contractor could use them for recycling asphalt in the summer and then rent them to the Airports for the Winter months, or sell them directly to the Airports.

Beijing International Airport (4) Heat Master Trucks Model M-16

Boston Logan International Airport – (4) Heat Master Trucks Model M-16

New York Laguardia Airport – (2) Heat Master Trucks Model M-16

Buffalo Greater International Airport – (1) Heat Master Truck Model M-16

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Specifications for Surface Drying, De-Icing & Defogging