Exclusive Thermal Power Corp.
Pavement Excavation Restoration
Utility Cut Repair

NOTE: This Utility Cut Restoration Process has been developed and patented by Thermal Power Corporation TM by U.S. Patent #: 4,815,891, Canadian Patent #: ,.1,280,928 and pending in other contries. A license or special written permission must be obtained from Pavement Savers Inc. to use this process. Exclusive territorial licenses are available.

Thermal Power Exclusive Method Of
Repairing an Opening In and Below a Section of Pavement

Thermal Power Unshrinkable Fill (T-PUF)

T-PUF core sample

T-PUF's maximum strength of 100 PSI makes it easy to remove at a later date. Yet the T-PUF fully supports the utility cut restoration and overlaying asphalt. No more difficult fill removal to access underlying utilities!

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Specifications, Rules and Regulations on Controlling Utility Cuts

IT'S THE LAW! - must read